Most marketing agencies will work with pretty much any business. Whilst having an open door policy for every company that needs help, this does come with a fair share of problems. Marketing agencies with a wide area of focus tend to use generalized strategies which work to a modest degree, but they tend to stick to what they know will have a reasonably positive impact on business. Whilst this is a great way to survive in a highly competitive arena, it does mean that a marketing company that doesn’t specialize will never have the skills, equipment, focus and experience a specialist will.

What are the advantages of hiring a bespoke restaurant marketing team? 
  • Specialized staff who are experienced at handling every aspect of a social media from ensuring posts go out at the right times to responding to social inquiries about your business and highlighting customer complaints so the staff can effectively respond. With dedicated staff experienced in your field, you will always get better results.
  • Dedicated restaurant marketing tools, designed specifically to work effectively with restaurants, and optimized for speed and reliability.
  • An understanding of what is required to get the best results from what you are prepared to spend.
  • Faster results for campaigns, resulting in more efficient usage of funds being spent on campaigns.

With an intricate knowledge of the requirements of success for any restaurant business, you will always get better results for your restaurant from specialists than you will get from generalists who may lack the expertise to ensure the success of their advertising campaigns.

Who are we?

Grow Your Restaurant LTD was formed because we had a vast amount of experience working effectively with restaurants – to a point where it became a focus. We have worked with every kind of restaurant from Pubs, Indian Restaurants and Takeaways to Italian Restaurants and American Diners. Whilst Grow Your Restaurant LTD was formed as a company in 2021, we have been in the marketing game since 2004, and over the years have fine tuned our experience with restaurants and takeaways gathering a huge amount of resources and keeping up to date with Facebook and Google to ensure we can always get the best results for our customers. We also keep up to date on the newest restaurant marketing trends, and due to our focus on the food industry, we can ensure that we spend the optimum amount of time ensuring the success of our clients.

The thing is, we come from a generalized marketing background, and because of this, we understand the weaknesses presented by working without a specific industry focus. Through years of hard graft working with a variety of companies from Garages and Law Firms to Holistic Therapists and Accountants, we have worked with almost every single kind of business, even working on music videos, and selling ad space in clinics and on Tesco Information Boards. We learned that whilst we could provide a good service for every business we worked for, we could never achieve amazing results for our clients unless we chose to have a laser focus – and with the restaurant and takeaway industry utterly crippled by the rising costs of living and the pandemic, we noticed we had a knack for helping business owners in the food industry get back on their feet and succeed despite incredibly trying times.

We chose to invest in technology to help us provide even better services for the restaurants and takeaways we were working with and achieved a large amount of success for the people we served. Taking advice from restaurant marketers in the US, we adapted their technology for the UK market which is significantly different, coming up with methods to prove that we were able to gain results, whilst offering innovative solutions to many of the problems plaguing the industry.


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