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 The Ultimate All In One Restaurant Marketing Program

Become the busiest restaurant in town

celebration marketing

We use this platform to ask questions, such as when is your birthday or anniversary. Once we know this information we can create lists based on what we know about your subscriber. This information will dramatically increase the response rates from future marketing messages. 

Easily Send messgaes

With our system, you will have the ability to send messages to your customers any time you like. You will also be able to see statistics such as conversion rates and how much revenue has been generated by your campaign. This will allow you to monitor your return on investment.

vip club

Part of our restaurant growth system includes building a VIP club. You will use our text marketing system to grow your list of VIPs and as a way of letting them know about your events and special offers. You can also use our platform for polls, to ask questions and get 5-star reviews for your social media profiles.

Easily Send Marketing Messages

Having A Quiet Day | Simply Send a message to your Entire list In Seconds From Your Smart Phone. 

We know how busy you are so we have made it super easy to send a message to your list. Although you will have an online admin system where you can send your messages and analyse your data, all you need is a mobile phone.

In your admin area, you can authorise one or more mobiles so they can send broadcasts on your behalf. once a smartphone has been authorised, get them to save your marketing number to their contacts. Now all they have to do is click send a message, type the word “broadcast” followed by the message they want to send, such as “pop into the restaurant in the next hour and enjoy a glass of wine on the house” click send and it will be sent to everyone on your list. How easy is that!!

 Grow Your List With Our Easy To Add Website Widget.

This Powerful Feature Will Grow Your Marketing List On Autopilot.

We have designed a widget that can be added to one or all of the pages on your website. This widget sits in the bottom right-hand corner of your web pages and when clicked will open up offering the visitor to input their mobile phone number in return for a tasty offer.

If you want to see this in action click on the example widget we have installed on our website. Once you click the send button you will receive a time-limited text voucher. Just like the example shown above the visitor will receive reminder texts to encourage them to take advantage of your offer before it expires.

Build A List Of Your Best Customers.

Your Existing Customers Are The Easiest and Most Cost-Effective Way To Increase Your Revenue.

Powered by artificial intelligence our system will automatically engage with people who have responded to a strategically placed card or interacted with a message on platforms such as Facebook.

Your automated assistant will collect important information from your subscribers such as the date of their birthday, it will then automatically send a message to them a few days before their birthday with a good reason why they should celebrate their birthday at your restaurant. It will even send a follow-up message reminding them to take advantage of the birthday offer before it expires.

If you would like to see a working example of our text marketing system in action, click on the lean more button below.


Simple Yet Powerful

Marketing doesn’t need to be complicated to be effective, this method is so simple to build when you have access to the right tools.

If you follow the instructions on the image above you will receive a text message which will thank you for requesting your “buy one get one free pizza”.This is where most text marketing system finish, ours is only just getting started.

This is one of the first text marketing platforms to be built with AI technology. Without getting into boring industry speak this means our system is able to perform complex tasks that an ordinary SMS system can not do.

Once they download the voucher our system works hard to get them to come in. To do this it sends out a series of reminder messages which will encourage the owner of the voucher to come before it expires.

It doesn’t stop there,  our system will also send out messages based on the behaviour of the customer. For example, if they don’t use the voucher before it expires, the system will be set up to another special offer they can take advantage of.

If the customer uses the voucher (know we know they like offers))  it can send a message asking them if they would like to join your birthday club. If they join it patiently waits until a few days before their birthday and sends them a gift.

The best thing is, all of this is done automatically. Your marketing system works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

To make sure customers are happy each message we send offer them a chance to opt-out by texting the word stop. 

Easily Manage Campaigns And analyse Your Data.

Your Existing Customers Are The Easiest and Most Cost-Effective Way To Increase Your Revenue.

Your admin system will give you easy access to your data. you will be able to see all your campaigns and how much revenue you have generated.

If you want more detailed information you will be able to drill down to individual subscribers and see how many times they have visited your restaurant, and how much money they have spent.

You will have access to advanced features such as automations and  widgets which are easily added to your website pages.

To ensure you get the best out of your restaurant marketing system we will give you full traing and ongoing telephone support.


Let’s Grow Your Restaurant Together

If you would like to find out if your restaurant or takeaway is a good fit for our growth program, leave your details and we will be in touch.

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