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Get Exposure

Create content designed to get reactions


Generate Reactions

Get likes, shares, and comments


Collect Data

Turn reactions into subscribers, reviews, and sales

All Our Marketing Campaigns are Measurable & Trackable

Our Restaurant marketing campaign is measurable and Trackable which means you will constantly be aware of how many people our system has driven into your restaurant and how much they have spent.

This means you will always know if your campaign is generating a good return on investment.

Has Social Media Filled Your Restaurant ?

If social media has not worked for your restaurant, it’s not your fault! read on and find out why.

If you are like most restaurant owners, you were told that if you created a few pages for your restaurant on social media then posted to these profiles on a regular basis, your restaurant would be filled with hungry customers. For most restaurants, what happened was they ended up creating another time-sucking job for themselves which involved answering mundane questions at 2 am because that was the only time, they had free.


Many owners tried boosting their posts and discovered that although they did get more likes and the odd share, this never turned into the constant flow of extra customers they were promised.

Have You Used A Generic Social Media Agency?

Many Restaurants have Tried outsourcing to employees or multi industry agencies, but is didnt work, here’s why.

If You’re like many restaurant owners you passed the job to a junior employee or shipped it out to a social media management agency who posted some great posts, but it became another expense you would rather not have.

If this sounds like you, we want you to know that the lack of extra sales is not your fault. The problem is you were only given half the information. The good news is that once you have the missing part of the puzzle and implement it over the course of about six months you will see your restaurant revenue grow.

The majority of the social media agencies you come across work with many different industries and the problem with this is they use generic marketing ideas, many of these strategies do work for builders and taxi firms but as you have discovered don’t work for restaurants and takeaways. Many of them charge £400 a month to create pretty posts, although the content looks good and get likes and shares, it still does not generate more revenue for your business.

Restaurant Marketing Specialists

All the tools and strategies we use have been built and designed to work exclusively with the hospitality industry.

 Social media can be used to increase sales, you just need to understand that each platform should be used as a tool, for example, YouTube and Twitter, which as you may know are owned by google are powerful tools for getting your website and Google My Business profile higher up in the search engine rankings.

 Once you understand that a Twitter Moment or a live YouTube video is a high-quality backlink you will not judge it by the number of people who see the video or post. Views do help, but even without views, they will still contribute to the growth of your restaurant. Facebook is another powerful tool. Your business page will be indexed by Google so will give you another listing when someone looks for you in the search engines.

Are You Paying 14% to Serve Your Own Customers?

Our system will reduce the commissions you pay to food delivery platforms by optimising the way you use them.

In the last section, we talked about using social media platforms to create listings that show up on the search engines when your customers search for you. This can be very important as your website only takes up one or two spaces leaving up to 18 for your competitors. This includes delivery companies such as Just Eat because they will your restaurant 14% commission if they manage to get your customer to order through their platform.

They don’t appear there by accident; they employ skilled marketers to optimize their page with the goal of outranking your website as it is very profitable for them. Now don’t get us wrong, Just Eat and Groupon have massive advertising budgets so are excellent for getting new customers to your restaurant. We also consider these companies to be great tools, however, our restaurant marketing system is designed to reduce the ongoing commissions you pay to them.

Would You Like More People To Celebrate In Your Restaurant?

More than 70% of people eat out on their birthday, our growth program will find these people and encourage them to come into your restaurant.

 Facebook is a great way to reach some of your highest spending customers, for example, our strategy includes promoting your restaurant to people who have an upcoming birthday or are about to celebrate a special event like an anniversary.


We also use Facebook to get people who are in your restaurant to advertise you on their own timelines, what better advert can you get than an existing customer telling their friends how much they love your food. The best thing about this technique is you don’t have to pay Facebook a penny in advertising fees.

These are just a few of the ways we incorporate social media into our restaurant marketing system.

Increase Your Profit, Reduce Costs & Save Time.

Please note, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme, we will need to work together for six to twelve months. If you are looking for instant results, this isn’t for you!.

If you partner with Grow Your Restaurant we will show you how to use Social media platforms and a selection of other powerful tools to bring in new customers, get your existing customers to come in more often, and get them to spend more money.

We will also be able to save you time by using a special feature on Facebook that allows you to set up an automated assistant who will greet customers who message your page.

Your assistant will be able to answer common questions, help them book a table and if you offer a takeaway show them a menu and take their order. You will still get a notification if your customer has not found the answers they need.

Everything we set up will be trackable and measurable so you will always know how many customers our system has driven into your restaurant or takeaway and how much they have spent.

Even though this may sound great, the best thing about our campaign isn’t that, after all Just eat deliver new orders to your restaurant day.


The secret Ingredeint

The funny thing is like most secret ingredients, it’s not really a secret at all. 


Our system is all about building a database that you own the rights to. It doesn’t matter how long you work with Groupon or Just Eat they retain the ownership of all the customers they bring. This means if they remove your terminal access to these people is gone. That’s how they keep you paying them a massive amount of money month in month out.

With our system this information is yours and even though you may not know it at the moment this is the secret that is limiting the growth of your restaurant. You may have a list of emails or hundreds of phone numbers but without the correct permissions or strategy, they are useless.

Our restaurant marketing program will bring in a constant flow of new customers, encourage your best customers to come in more often, and get them to spend more money. Once our restaurant growth program is in place all of the above is automated which means it will work tirelessly to increase your profit 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

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