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Why Use A Digital Loyalty Program?

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Paper coupons are an outdated concept that will cost your restaurant money. Delivering coupons, event tickets, and gift vouchers to your customer’s Smartphone will dramatically increase the redemption rates of your vouchers. You will also be able to send them notifications anytime you desire.┬áRewarding customers via their mobile wallet is convenient for them because unlike a paper coupon they will not get lost or left in a drawer at home.

You can also send them a notification that will remind them to use their voucher before it expires. This feature will substantially increase coupon redemption rates and because they are digital you are able to see how many people they drove into your restaurant and how much they spent.

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Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Customers

The main goal of all our campaigns is to build a community of people you can talk to anytime you like. Traditionally most loyalty and marketing systems relied on just one way to sign up customers, this was by email. The problem with this method was that when you sent your subscribers a message only around 34% of them ever open the email. The other issue was they might not open your message for a few days which made it a poor tool for filling a restaurant on a quiet day.

Our mobile wallet app is able to enroll people onto your database via Facebook comments, SMS, email, and by scanning a QR code. This multi-channel entry means you can grow a list faster than ever before. Once enrolled you can keep in touch with a push notification that comes directly from their mobile wallet, an app they trust.

Intelligent Marketing.

When it comes to marketing, timing can be a crucial factor, for example, if you send a special offer to a customer who is out of town they are unlikely to redeem it. Mobile wallet uses beacon technology which allows you to send an automated push notification to a customer who comes within a 100-meter radius of your restaurant. You will also be able to create location triggers, for example, you can send a notification to someone visiting a cinema or a customer who gets too close to a competitor’s restaurant.

Just a Quick Tap To Redeem

Simple For Your Customers and your Staff!

Both your customers and employees will find redeeming your digital loyalty cards and coupons a breeze which is critical when running a busy restaurant. Even things like adding discounts can be done with a single tap or by scanning a QR code.

Turning Knowledge into Profit.

It is important to remember that although loyalty cards and coupons are good for your customers, the database you build and the information you learn for their behavior can be used to dramatically improve the return on investment of your future marketing campaigns.

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