If you’re a restaurant owner struggling coming up with ideas to blog about for your restaurant, then you’ve come to the right place. Blogging has turned many of the restaurants I have worked with into competitive powerhouses and raised their ranking on search engines. Even though most of my focus is usually on the food, it can also be beneficial to back up your blogs on dishes and support them through linking back to them from other blogs you write. I’ll add some more information about me at the end of the blog, as you’re here for advice rather than to hear me waffle on.

Special Dishes!

Every restaurant or delivery service has at least one dish that is incredibly popular or chef specials that they personally favour. In your blogs, you should focus on explaining to the customers why they should try these dishes, because usually they are well-liked for a reason. This could aid in boosting sales of your special dishes and making you more visible when customers are looking for particular dishes they want to try in the local area.

  • What Makes Our Chicken Bhuna Special Great?
  • Five Things You Didn’t Know About Souvlaki!
  • The Health Benefits Of Lobster
  • The Secret To Our Lasagne Special

These are some good, memorable titles for blogs, which will also work well when you share them on social media. People enjoy lists, explanations, learning, health advantages, and unique items that they cannot obtain anyplace else. The word Secret is very useful, especially if you don’t use it a lot. Everyone wants to know secrets, and if it’s a secret, the only place they might find it is in your blog.

You offer the readers what they desire in these blogs. Even though most of the time, the blogs are just stating the obvious, the ingredients and their health advantages, etc. There are health benefits to absolutely every type of food I’ve ever written about, and with the internet, this information is easy to access if you get a little lost.

You can explain your method for making lamb tikka to people because it is extremely unlikely that anyone in your audience will own a tandoor oven. As part of the blog, you can also discuss the ovens, and explain how they are perfect for the job. If you pick something that’s common like Cod, find a few obscure facts that no one is likely to know, then when you share that online, it’s more likely people will be surprised and want to share cool obscure facts with friends than standard information. Did you know that algae can be used to harness energy? I didn’t until I did some research for my novel! But that information could be useful for an energy company or a science blogging site.

All of the foods you prepare at your restaurant have a particular quality, and you can find a method to draw attention to any of the items on your menu. Our delicious lamb chops are supplied by Bob The Butcher Shop. Bam, local ranking now from people who are looking for Bob The Butcher. Make sure you link back to their website so people can see the quality and value your service even more! For a potential spread, you can even tag Bob’s Facebook page on Facebook! If he shares your post, you might get more customers from his clientele! More social media users, more interactions! The world is your oyster. If you’re lucky and Bob gets in contact, you can get him to link to your site which will help you even more! He might even write a blog: “Try our Fantastic Lamb Chops at the Supreme Grill in Cardiff” For example.

If you have suppliers, you should network with them like this. It’ll help both of you. It’s arduous, but it gets excellent results online. To keep you motivated, here are five solid reasons to blog about your restaurant online!

1: Blogging about your restaurant or takeaway will start to raise the volume of your clients and the traffic to your website if the material is good! This will mean more sales and more money!

2: Regularly blogging about your business will provide you with content you can share on social media. If your material is timeless (which we call evergreen content) you can even repost the blogs a few months later, so if you run out of steam for a bit, you can share older content. Just make sure to space it out.

3. When customers share information about your restaurant or takeaway on social media, it informs them and helps your business get noticed. Blogs that contain useful knowledge are good because if they get shared multiple times, it’ll increase your audience. You may notice you get more shares with images, but social interactions will help your website.

4: Regularly blogging about your company gives you an advantage over your rivals, who are typically very unmotivated and don’t have a focus on technology.

5. Blogging about your company can boost your reputation and get you backlinks, which may result in others who value your linking out to them coming back to you. These will help your site rise in rankings online.

Special Occasions!

You should definitely blog about any unique events or competitions your restaurant hosts. Talking about the things you are doing, the businesses you partner with at events, and the charitable causes you support will all be very beneficial.

Let’s say you own a restaurant and every second Tuesday of the month you offer date nights. It is definitely worthwhile to blog about this. You can advertise the setting to potential guests by discussing nighttime specials and menus. This may be included into your Facebook approach by sharing the blog when the event is taking place so that people can experience it firsthand! Make sure you link back to your page that covers the events in more detail.

There are a variety of different events you can organise, including lunchtime business meals and evenings with select bands and singers. All of this will be useful when folks are looking up bands, singers, or restaurants where you can have business dinners. Your website traffic and client reach will grow when you write about these kinds of events and post about them. Never forget to include the name of your restaurant and your company’s address at the bottom of every blog! Keep it smart, current, and regional at all times!


It can sometimes be beneficial to list and describe a selection of your most well-liked beverages or cocktails. Cocktail blogs do well with a lot of images! You can experiment with these in various ways, pairing particular beverages with menu items. I don’t know a single meal that isn’t complemented by Birra Moretti! You can also get feedback from readers of these blogs by asking them what cocktails are in the blog and on social media, which will promote interaction. If a lot of people want drinks you don’t provide, you might want to experiment with having them on the menu for a while!

News References!

Local news websites and papers are always useful. You can always contact them to get someone down to review your food. All you’d ask for in return would be a backlink from their website. Whilst this may seem costly, the articles on their site will be very visible and it is likely the review will be posted on social media. This is an idea usually used for business expansion, however – you can then blog about the people who came to visit you and how happy you were with their experience. If there’s a story, link back to it. It’ll help that story rise on the search engines, and it will benefit you greatly. You can go into deal about what they chose to order, and how you prepared everything. If the news references you on their site, also share their article on Social Media, thank them and tag them so they know you appreciate them. It’s not unheard of for you to be contacted by other bloggers and reviewers who notice this and want to find places eager to have reviews. The more power your site gains through backlinks the stronger you will become, and if this is something you are prepared to do, whilst other businesses aren’t, you will be gaining a distinct advantage when it comes to search results.


When I usually suggest posting recipes on a restaurant or takeaway website, most of my customers are horrified because they don’t want to divulge how they make their delectable food. You can simply address this by giving recipes for foods you don’t typically prepare. Although it was a reasonably popular dish, one of our Italian restaurant friends ceased preparing carbonara. Writing a carbonara recipe on the site was beneficial because it gave customers a way to prepare the dish at home. By structuring your recipes so they always include high quality ingredients, you are also advertising the fact that you are using high quality ingredients in the making of your food. This can help to increase the reputation of your company.

Local Supplier Blogs

One thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of restaurants strike up deals with local butchers, fishmongers and grocers in order to get fresh, good quality products. There is a massive advantage in blogging about the people who supply to you locally, because most of these businesses do not blog themselves. If you write a nice praise filled blog for your supplier, share it on social media and tag them, you are likely to be re-shared. This will help empower your site. You will also start showing up in search results when people look for their businesses online. Positive posts will help their business and increase your visibility.

Brief Information About Blogging

To keep things short and simple, keep your word count at 750 to 1250 words, this will do in most cases. Use simple language so the blog is easy to understand. If you want to get to the next level of blogging and maximize your success, everything you will need to know is covered in my blog on How to Learn SEO in a Few Hours!

Who Am I?

My name is Alex O’Neil, and I have worked for years as an SEO specialist, blogger, marketer and web designer. I am an extremely aggressive marketer when it comes to competition and making the most out of what I can achieve for my clients. I started my own restaurant marketing business and had hefty competition with my name of choice which had nothing to do with restaurants, and I fought my way to page one of Google and am usually only beaten by Wikipedia. This I did through hard work, blogging and SEO work. My company, Fantasoft was (with permission) named after the Fantasoft Games Company I loved as a kid, so competition was absolutely fierce. If you work diligently, you will start seeing results. You do not need to be an expert or a specialist, just to follow the advice I’ve set out in my previously mentioned SEO post. If you want to up your game from there, my post on 10 Great Ways to Improve Your Search Engine Results will help you master what you learn. For general tips, I also created the Restauranomicon, which has helped many restaurant owners and resulted in quite a few contact messages from appreciative restaurants.

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