When it comes to promoting your restaurant and getting the things you need done, time is always a crucial factor. If you’re working on writing blogs to increase your rankings in the search engines, you will be spending a lot of time writing good quality content. But having worked with as many restaurants as we have, we know that time is absolutely integral to keep them running. If you don’t have the time to write blogs, or you feel like it’s getting in the way, the best thing to do is to hire an experienced blogger to write the blogs for you.

Whilst this can end up being expensive, it’s a great way to ensure that your website is being constantly updated with new information, which will help with Google’s freshness algorithms.

The best ways to ensure that you’re getting good content is to ensure that the blogs are going to be reusable, what we in the marketing business call: Evergreen content. So it’s always good to get your blogger to focus on food you sell regularly or on services you continuously provide for your customers.

It helps if your blogger has a lot of experience writing for restaurants in your line of work, although to find someone who has this kind of experience can be hard. At Grow Your Restaurant, we have experience working with all manner of restaurants and takeaways, and we are always happy to help, so if you contact us, we will be able to write for you, regardless of the type of restaurant you run. A good example of what you can expect from us is my blog on Chicken Tikka Masala, which I use mainly as a demonstration blog.

If you’re interested in hiring a different blogger, you should focus on several things:

  • You will want your blogs to be at least 750 words
  • Blogs should feature the location of your restaurant
  • Blogs should contain as much information as possible without being swamped with keywords
  • Blogs should ideally feature images from your restaurant taken by your staff
  • A good blog can be linked into other blogs and have other blogs you’ve written link back to it

If you’re hiring someone who runs a business website, it’s good to be able to have them link to you, and you should consider linking back to them. Mutual support benefits both of the websites, and helps improve their ranking. We are always happy to discuss working with restaurant owners to help them get the most out of their articles.


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