If you are starting to get into the SEO game, microblogging may seem like a bad idea as it usually takes a decent word count to appear in search results online.

Microblogs can be a useful tool for restaurants and almost every kind of business, because not only are they much easier to write than a heavily worded blog, but they can become a part of your advertising system. You will only need to write between 150 and 300 words for a decent microblog, meaning you can save time and energy.

A microblog means you can get to the point immediately on just about any topic and cover a large amount of information quickly and effectively, which means you are not wasting a customer’s time if they decide to read it. This means that microblogs can often get better results when posted on social media than the latest epic blog that’s taken you all of two months to write and has a word count Tolkien would be envious of.

So why does writing microblogs benefit my restaurant website?

Microblogs benefit you because of several reasons:

  • Social interactions with website posts are beneficial because they help increase your ranking as a valuable information resource.
  • They get people onto your website and give them quick information for a favourable result on social media.
  • They give you evergreen content you can share or that you can add to automations on a post scheduling software.
  • They are quick and easy to read and write.
  • You don’t have to sink hours into refining or coming up with content.

In this blog, I have covered the topic of microblogging for your restaurant, whilst I always recommend at least 750 words or more for your blogs to ensure they start appearing on Google, this blog has enough relevant information to be posted on social media, and it will most likely get better results than some of my longer blogs. (A few of which have hit almost 6000 words!)

At the end of the day, you have a business to run and short blogs can be amassed quickly and put into post scheduling software. You can be direct, to the point and cover evergreen content so they will always be valuable.

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